A New Home for Snowy

I love animals and will make every effort to protect them if I can. Snowy is a wonderful white polar bear I helped relocate from an abusive environmental center. I heard about it through the grapevine. Volunteers at the center reported that animals were variously victims of mistreatment and the press got hold of the story. In fact, Snowy himself had been tased by his caretaker. I cannot tolerate this kind of horrible news. I devote myself to rescuing endangered species, but this role can certainly apply to one lone animal.

Snowy was beloved to the staff, but somehow this cruel employee with the Taser stun-gun was out of control. I can’t imagine that the polar bear had done anything to provoke the frequent shocks. I think the caretaker must have enjoyed his “power.” Maybe he lacked it with people so he took his frustration out on helpless animals. This kind of thing happens in zoos, animal preserves, pet stores, etc. We must be vigilant and put an absolute end to it. The best way is to make your voice heard. Hence, I am presenting this issue in my blog today. I hope there will be a groundswell of outrage.

Snowy did get a new home in a local zoo known for its kind care and treatment of all its “guests.” I am so happy to tell you about this positive outcome. It is not always the case. Meanies are everywhere in the animal business. As kids, they probably pulled the tails of dogs and cats. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why they take jobs in animal centers or pet shops. They are impatient, quick to anger, mean-spirited, and have a power complex. I can do an entire psychological profile on them.

A Taser can inflict pain and discomfort in an animal, just like afflicted people. It should only be used in the case of a wild animal on the attack, or within the guidelines issued by Self Defense Guide. Think of the people who were assaulted by a grizzly bear in Montana. They were lucky that they lived to tell the tale. They regretted not taking precautions while on a camping trip. They didn’t own a rifle or even a hand gun and a Taser would have been an easy alternative choice.

Snowy survived his assault and loves his new home. Because of the publicity, visitors come to the zoo from far and wide to see the major attraction. Kids bring him gifts and set them in front of his cage. He is not aggressive and never snarls. He often drifts close to the bars so he can see who is out there. I might even dare to pet him if it were allowed. It is not. Given his abuse, the zookeeper does not want to take chances. Meanwhile he is the subject of many photos and has appeared on Facebook and Instagram numerous times. He is pure white and unmistakable in his glowing glory.